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"No Worries" Ration Pack - Back Country Cuisine



After a bushfire emergency, you may need to survive on your own for several days. Being prepared means having your own food, water and other supplies to last for at least 72 hours. Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meals, together with the flameless heater pack, are the perfect addition to THE FIREPAK to ensure you have food on hand in a bushfire emergency.

Keep your energy levels up with a Back Country Cuisine Ration Pack. The "No Worries" Ration Pack includes a compete day's meals:

  • Breakfast - Cocoa Rice Balls & Fruit Salad
  • Lunch - Sweet & Sour Lamb
  • Dinner - Honey Soy Chicken
  • Snacks - Snacks and Drinks Pack

Back Country Cuisine products are easy to prepare and taste great because of the unique freeze drying process. This combines quick-to-hydrate, freeze dried vegetables and meats with delicious sauce mixes that retain their natural flavours. The result is tasty freeze dried meals that can be prepared inside the pack in 10 minutes with just a bit of boiling water. No access to boiling water? No worries! We've got you covered with the Back Country Cuisine Flameless Heater Pack!

Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meals are Made in New Zealand.


  • All products are made without peanuts as ingredients
  • Each pack contains approx 13,000KJ (3,100calories) of food energy and a good mix of protein, carbs, vegetables.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are prepared in the pack by adding hot water (cold water in case of cereals).
  • Snacks are ready-to-eat.
  • Each pack less than 2 liters volume.
  • Packs should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Best used within 3 years of packing. Components of un-opened, undamaged, appropriately stored packs are safe-to-eat beyond 3 years but appearance and flavor can change.


In the event you need to evacuate your property in a bushfire emergency, you need to be prepared. It's recommended that you have enough food and water with you to survive 72 hours. 


Simply add the required amount of hot or cold water stated on the back of each meal pouch, stir and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a delicious freeze dried meal wherever you may be. Check out the added lower tear tab on all pouches, once the meal has been reconstituted just tear the lower perforation and use the pouch as a bowl. A great idea and saves getting messy hands when using your spoon or fork.


Honey Soy Chicken
- Small (90g) Serving size 340g (once prepared)
White rice, sauce (sugar, thickener (1442), maltodextrin, hydrolysed vegetable protein, brown sugar, vegetables, honey 1.2%, colour (150d)), chicken dices (20%) (chicken, soy protein concentrate, salt, mineral salt (451, 450), rosemary extract), onion, red pepper, carrot (contains acidity regulator (500)), peas (contains acidity regulator (331, 500)), green beans (contains acidity regulator (331, 500))

Sweet & Sour Lamb - Small (90g) Serving size 340g (once prepared)
White rice, sauce (sugar, thickener (1442), vegetables, acidity regulators (262, 330), maltodextrin, hydrolysed vegetable protein, yeast extract, salt, herbs & spices, flavours, canola oil, vegetable extract), lamb dices (18%) (lamb, soy protein concentrate, salt, brown sugar, mineral salt (451, 450), coriander, mint, pepper, rosemary extract), pineapple (pineapple, sugar, acidity regulator (330), preservative (223)), carrot (carrot, sugar, acidity regulator (500)), peas (contains acidity regulator (331, 500))

Cocoa Rice Balls & Fruit Salad - Small (90g) Serving size 340g (once prepared)
Cocoa balls (50%) (rice flour, sugar, cocoa powder, glucose, salt, flavours, emulsifier (471), colour (150d)), soy powder, fruit salad (21%) (pineapple, red papaya, yellow papaya, guava, antioxidant (330))

Snack And Drinks (373g)
Trail mix (banana chips (contains flavour), raisins, sultanas, apricot (contains preservative (220)), pumpkin seeds, coconut (contains preservative (223)), chocolate (contains emulsifiers (492, 322), flavours)), jelly beans (sugar, glucose syrup, thickener (1401), food acid (330), flavours, colours (102, 110, 122, 133, 171), glazing agent (903, vegetable oil, 904)), chocolate (sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa solids, emulsifiers (492, 322), flavours), orange drink (sugar, maltodextrin, acidity regulators (330, 331, 300), salt, flavours, mineral salt (508, 518), sweeteners (952, 954), colours (160a)), 2 x gluten free gingernut biscuit (flour (maize cornflour, rice flour, maize starch), margarine (vegetable oils, salt, emulsifiers (471, 322), antioxidant (307), flavour, colour (160a), acidity regulator (330)), sugar, golden syrup, ginger, spices, raising agent (500)), soy powder, soy cocoa drink (soy powder, sugar, cocoa), sugar, coffee, black tea, salt, black pepper, spoon, tissues.


Processed In A Facility That Also Produces Products Containing Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Spelt, Crustacea, Egg, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds

THE FIREPAK Product Disclaimer

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This is because every bushfire is different, and every person and household will have different needs and requirements for their bushfire survival kit. You should satisfy yourself that the contents of this kit are sufficient for your needs. This may require the addition of extra items to this kit, beyond those supplied with it.

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All households should a have a bushfire survival plan. Please refer to your relevant State or Territory Fire and Rescue Authority to develop an effective bushfire survival plan. Please familiarise yourself with the equipment contained in your FIREPAK (including any additions you make to it) and ensure you know how to use it.

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