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Envirus Everyday+ Face Mask



The Envirus Everyday+ Mask is easy breathing, flexible and comfortable, specifically designed to be used for long periods every day. The mask is washable, reusable and Australian Made.

The Everyday+ Mask has two layers of fabric which is “splash resistant" and features a pouch in which a replaceable filter is added, providing three layers of protection. PM2.5 filters have shown to be effective in blocking airborne particulates, offering an extra layer of protection in the mask. We include two (2) PM2.5 activated carbon filters with your purchase and additional filters may be purchased in value packs of 10 filters. 

For greater water repellency and protection, we recommend the Hydrophobic Mask.


Nose Bridge
The bridge of the nose is a point of leakage that affects many masks. A mouldable, comfortable nose bridge ensures a better fit and minimises leakage. Just squeeze gently and push onto the nose and against the face to mould the mask to your face.

The Everyday+ Mask is a two-layer, lightweight design, aimed to provide protection as well as be comfortable and easy breathing. NOTE: In order to provide protection there will be some resistance when breathing.

Over-the-head Straps
Envirus have tested many designs including around the ears and in their experience, over-the-head designs are more comfortable. 

Flexible and Adjustable Elastic
This mask has a thicker, high quality elastic which is flexible and provides a comfortable fit. The elastic features an adjustable strap to accommodate various face sizes.

- Everyday+ Mask: Water repellent treatment will degrade slowly over time.
- Hydrophobic Mask: Tested for 30 industrial wash cycles at over 60 degrees and 30 drying cycles. Masks still repelled water and had no apparent degradation of water repellent properties. We would recommend replacing the mask at 30-50 washes, depending on condition. Water droplets should bead on the outer surface.

Fit and Comfort
If you observe people wearing masks in public, you will notice there are often gaps down the side of the nose, under the chin or sides. A well fitted mask is essential in providing protection. Envirus have used years of tailoring expertise and chosen flexible materials to ensure a comfortable and well-fitted mask.

Caring for your Envirus Mask
Wash at 60 degrees using mild detergent. No chlorine. No bleach. Avoid rough surfaces. Warm to hot tumble dry. 

Australian Made
By purchasing this product, you're supporting a hard working Australian team at an Australian owned and operated business. Envirus purchase Australian Made fabrics wherever equivalent or better quality is available.
Please note the PM2.5 filters are not made in Australia, they are an imported product.

For more information about Envirus Masks, care instructions and other frequently asked questions, you can read more here.

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This is because every bushfire is different, and every person and household will have different needs and requirements for their bushfire survival kit. You should satisfy yourself that the contents of this kit are sufficient for your needs. This may require the addition of extra items to this kit, beyond those supplied with it.

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Envirus Face Mask Product Disclaimer

There is no guarantee that any mask will protect against infection, or transmission of viruses or diseases, and masks are not a substitute for all other precautions including, but not limited to, seeking professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment; social distancing; and, proper washing and sanitation of hands. While we have used the best information available to us, information is evolving on a regular basis and we make no specific claims, or provide any representations or warranties, whether express or implied regarding the effectiveness of the Envirus masks against Coronavirus or any other respiratory illness, or that the Envirus masks protect against or prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.

Notwithstanding the generality of the above disclaimer, please note that while the fabrics used in creating the Envirus masks have been tested separately and themselves have various characteristics that may be beneficial to protect against infection, or transmission of viruses or diseases, we have not at this stage completed testing of the Envirus masks as a completed product. We therefore make no claims or provide any representations or warranties, whether express or implied regarding any specific approvals for medical or other applications.

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